Joseph Albers Currently @ The Guggenheim

The Little-Known Glass Works of Josef Albers

Josef Albers is renowned for his vivid, colorful Homage to the Square paintings—some of which are currently on view at the Guggenheim in the exhibition Josef Albers in Mexico. The interplay of color, light, and composition in evidence in those works can also be seen in pieces he created using other materials, including glass, metal, and brick.

In 1995, the Guggenheim held an exhibition of Albers’s glass pieces—Glass, Color, and Light—organized jointly by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Josef Albers Foundation, and the catalogue is now part of the Guggenheim Museum Library Main Collection. The book tried to be an exhaustive compendium of all of Albers’s glass art, though many pieces were destroyed during World War II, whether they had been installed in buildings and subsequently wrecked by the Nazis or broken into shards after being shipped to America. Even some of Albers’s later pieces, made in the United States, are now in storage or otherwise no longer on view, making the catalogue one of the few places where any description—written or visual—of these lost artworks still exists.

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