New York Antiques Dealer Phoenix Fine Art Raided on Suspicion of Selling Looted Artifacts

New York’s illicit antiquities crackdown widens.

Henri Neuendorf

Ionian figural vessel representing a Siren (500-525 BCE). Photo: courtesy of Manhattan district attorney.

Investigators from the Manhattan district attorney’s office seized six artifacts valued at a combined $450,000 from New York antiquities dealers Phoenix Fine Art in a raid last Friday.

According to a search warrant issued by the New York Supreme Court, the items taken from the gallery include a Rhodian seated monkey from 580–550 BC (valued at $150,000), a Corinthian sea-serpent from the 6th century BC (valued at $140,000), and an Attic red-and-black female head flask from 500–490 B.C. (valued at $80,000). The gallery could face charges of criminal possession of stolen property, filings show.

Rhodian Seated Monkey with missing arms (580–550 BCE). Photo courtesy of Manhattan district attorney.

In a statement to artnet News, a spokesman for Phoenix Fine Art said, “We immediately notified the US private collection that consigned the works to us of the situation, and we do know that the works have a long museum exhibition history spanning from the Geneva Musée d’art et d’Histoire, 1978–1981, and at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 1984–1996.”

Full Article by Henri Neuendorf

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