Chloe Wise Has Immortalized the Tide Pod Challenge, the Internet’s Deadliest New Meme, as Art

Chloe Wise doesn’t like this dumb trend one bit—so she made a painting about it.

Sarah Cascone, February 7, 2018

Chloe Wise painted this Tide POD for GARAGE. Courtesy of the artist.

Chloe Wise painted this Tide POD for GARAGE. Courtesy of the artist.

Painter Chloe Wise, known for her glamour-tinged food art, has weighed in on what already stands to be the dumbest trend of 2018: the “Tide pod challenge,” which has apparently led to over 100 calls to Poison Control since the beginning of the year.

At the behest of Garage Magazine, Wise dashed off a quick painting of a red, white, and blue Tide pod. The single-serving laundry detergent capsules bear a striking resemblance to fruit-flavored candies, and the idea of eating the tantalizing-looking faux gummies has somehow become a full-blown meme. It is also a perfect fit for Wise, whose oeuvre hearkens back to the heavily laden tables of Dutch Golden Age still lifes, painted in an ornate style known as pronkstilleven.

“Tide pods absolutely fit within that imagery, their succulent color and appetizing shape tapping right into the collective unconscious and triggering hunger and desire,” Wise told Artnet News in an email, noting that such works functioned as a display of status and wealth. “Picture a bunch of glimmering Tide pods on a timeless silver platter, alongside some freshly shucked oysters… so classique.”

The Full Article by Sarah Cascone

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